1. Scout Magazine 


  2. Gabby Cantero Food Photography

    Hope y’all would follow my food portfolio. Keeping portraits & everything else here but for all my food shots go here.¬†

    Cheers, friends!


  3. Carlos Laurel for B/Blog


  4. Nicolas Padilha as The Backpacker for B/Blog



  6. Leeroy New for Metro Magazine


  7. Luis Santos & Carina Santos for Young Star


  8. Ryan Villamael for Young Star


  9. Luis Santos, Carina Santos, JP Cuison & Ryan Villamael for Young Star


  10. Lynn Oeymo for B/Blog


  11. Arnold Van Opstal for Young Star



  12. James Younghusbund for Preview Magazine



  13. TINI DAHL for B/Blog

    Produced by Paolo Lorenzana

    Grooming by Sari Campos

    Special thanks to MINI Philippines


  14. Jason Godfrey for The Philippine Star’s SUPREME, 2013.


  15. Janna Tee in a beauty editorial for Chalk Magazine’s February 2014 issue