1. Malayang Pilipino

    12 June 2012

    Quirino Grand Stand


  2. Feist

    Laneway Festival Singapore 2012

    Full coverage at A Different Cut


  3. Gold Panda x Hello Panda


  4.  Rock The Riles 2011

    Shaw Station




  6. Fete. The night when the whole of Manila decided to come out and play. Or drink and be merry. 

    Mike’s Apartment


    Congrats, Mei! 

    Good job, guys!


  7. Shot for Young Star Phils’ Fete Expectations by Ralph Mendoza & Junne Grajales featuring:

    The Strangeness, Bee Eyes, Diego Mapa, The Executives & Good Morning High Fives.

    See you guys tomorrow!


  8. And he’s spent some 20 years with this feeling of being lost inside


    Martin Carlberg


    Johan Duncanson


    Daniel Tjäder






    Radio Dept

    Manila, 2011.


  9. Summer

    Hello, summer. Glad to have you here!

    Music to welcome in this glorious season in Manila.

    For lazy afternoons by the pool. For lounging on that hammock under the shade of coconut trees while watching the waves. 

    Summer by StereoMood

    For the drive during that roadtrip. For biking at five in the afternoon. For that day you watch the sunset from the back of a pickup truck with some of your best friends. 

    A (Maybe Very) Happy Mix by Sarie


  10. A couple bottles of beer, some good conversation & great company.

    All of that while awesome music playing in the background brought to you by special DJs for the night! 

    See you guys tomorrow!


  11. "Announcing your intentions, it’s easier said than done."

    The Whitest Boy Alive


    March, 2011


  12. Here’s a photo from the photo essay I’m working on for Marb

    With Seeing Sound (music + a photo essay), I think I bit off more than I could chew. So, here’s to taking this one slow. Second photo essay should be up in a couple of days. This one’s a mix of everything. A little dark, a little less sad and more in the moment. Maybe, there’s a tinge of hope somewhere there, too. 

    Johnoy. Manila, 2011.


  13. When I saw this guy up on stage, I couldn’t help but be reminded of someone I know quite well. The resemblance was uncanny.

    Yes, I had to look twice.

    Singapore, 2010


  14. Broken Social Scene recap. 

    There’s nothing like hearing this band live. Finally. <3


  15. Arigato, Hato!

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