1. Mikki dela Rea, January 2010.

    He’s the man behind the two most recent Daylight posters & guess what, he’s on tumblr! I suggest you follow him! 



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  3. Saturdays are made for taking photographs & cause it’s CATurday

    I was trying to be sneaky but obviously, I am no match to this little kitty’s super senses. Taken in a store along Haji Lane, Singapore. I thought the shop only had one cat but behold there were 4! They were looking at me while the camera did its rewinding. Little catsies looked fascinated, I, on the other hand, was kind of freaked out. 


  4. Anna, 2008.


  5. I just update La Nuit! Check it out!


  6. When all that matters is me & you: photos & a mixtape in support of Love Download!
    Go check out the mixtape! It’s filled with Filipino acts & they’re awesome!

    Patrick & Patricia but more known as PatA & PatB. 

    I won’t go on with how they met and all that but I will tell you that they absolutely adore each other. They’re both crazy for each other & it’s like when they look at each other, all you need is some background music & it’d be a perfect scene for a movie. 

    He’s right for her, she’s right for him & they both know it. 

    Happy Valentine’s!


  7. Celina & This Light.

    This is for everyone who thinks it’s a lovely afternoon. Now, go out and enjoy it!



  8. Chino Lui Po

    I think he has cute shoes.

    He’s part of the group (Commune Manila) that helped me out for the last Daylight. 
    If you find him familiar then yes he does show up on local TV. Haha.

    Portraits from Daylight x Commune MNL are up! Clicky!


  9. LA NUIT

    A new series up in These Portraits!

    Snapshots taken at night. No rules. Whatever goes here!

    (this series is definitely a work in progress, probably a big update after the weekend!)


  10. Rock The Riles, 2009

    This is it. It’s getting this kind of light, this type of feel in a photograph. I can’t explain it but it’s there. It’s subtle, soft & warm. It’s the lack of color, it’s the expression in their faces.

    Oh film. You surprise me still.


  11. Portraits Lovin’ Saturday

    Thank you to all those who went last Saturday!

    I didn’t mention that this was a test if it would actually work or not & I’m glad it did! I figured it was simple but it mainly depends on you guys if you want to show up. I know how we’re all usually lazy on a Saturday afternoon. We’d all rather stay in bed, watch TV or go online but, how about we try something new? When we were all kids, we loved going to the park ‘cause that meant playtime and being with friends & the other kids there, too. I guess, this is grown-up playtime. Haha I know it sounds silly. It doesn’t matter if you’re a photographer or not, if you want to come and hangout, just go! I was hoping for new faces to see but only a couple came & that’s okay. My friends & I are all very welcoming! Did I mention they’re (my friends) all lovely & wonderful people to hangout with? Yes, they are!

    I do hope you go to the next one on December 12 in Cubao X. I’ll post details in a week or two, for now, enjoy the photos!

    Again, thank you very much to all those who went. You made all the worrying & last minute dilemmas worth it. MeanStreetsManila, I love you guys & thank you for helping out big time!

    chinxisfrances shoots!

    Reflector Frisbee

    Reflector Frisbee

    Camera Talk

    Pau & Clark for MSM

    Louie playing M.A.S.H. (hahaha)

    Meyorlight having his photo taken by Kitkat. She did pinhole portraits!

    Vitz & the brow

    Hello, Jolo!

    Commune Mnl | Pedal Projects

    See you guys on the next one!



  12. Carina LOLs (via FunktifiedHeart)

    Hey look it’s Presidents!


  13. You don’t have to hide that smile. (via FunktifiedHeart)