1. Mike Concepcion.

    Manila, PH. 2013.


  2. Keeping things simple.


  3. One more for good measure.


    Manila, 2011.


  4. Luccas Soares

    Manila, 2011.

    Break from all the girls!


  5. I know places we can go

    Where the highs won’t bring you down

    No, the highs won’t hurt you there.”

    —I Know Places, Lykke Li

    Because I’m pretty sure you’re going to go places. Let’s cross our fingers we’ll be taking more photographs in the same place by the last quarter of this year. For now, let’s enjoy this beautiful light. 

    Zet Diaz

    Manila, 2011


  6. Daylight Studio is now open for business. 


  7. It’s been a year since the first Daylight! 

    Last year, I was running around Makati with one of my good friends, trying to get permits done so we would be able to push through with the first Daylight ever in Salcedo Park. Several hours later, two local government offices and a lot patience, we got the permits. It was done on impulse with only a week’s worth of planning. I still find it quite stupid, really, but it worked!

    Thank you to everyone who has been part of this at some point. Cheers to the guys behind all the lovely posters from the very first down to the most recent one! I didn’t even have to explain what I wanted you guys already knew! Love goes out to friends who helped me setup, from finding electric grillers to sound systems to putting up the photos during the last one. (Those pins didn’t blu tac themselves y’know!) But most of all, thank you for showing up, for letting me take your photograph and for hanging around on a lazy saturday afternoon. 

    One year down! This feels like a relationship getting quite serious! Haha!



  9. The Sundream. The last page. Daylight V.

    See you guys later.

    G. ♥


  10. Daylight V

    10 July 2010


    Blackbook, Malugay St, Makati City

    A day before the event & everything still hasn’t sinked in yet.

    We all still have tomorrow.

    Let’s make this a beautiful ending.


    Poster design by Kristine Caguiat & Carina Santos


  11. Nicole, Red Ninja Woman | April, 2010



  13. Zet & Luis

    Click on the photo for the blog entry!


  14. Hello there, Zet!

    Taken during Daylight x Explotar! Magazine last Saturday. 

    If you’re on facebook, you can view the photos here: PHOTOS!


  15. Kara Ortiga’s take on Daylight! Read on!

    Thank you, Kara. It’s a lovely article. You got Daylight spot on!