1. Nicolas Padilha as The Backpacker for B/Blog


  2. Robbie Becroft for B/BLOG

    Grooming by Sari Campos

    Produced by Paolo Lorenzana


  3. Garage Magazine Designer Profile: Jerome Lorico. 2012.


  4. Rajo Laurel Designer Profile for GARAGE Magazine



  5. Samantha Humphries for Candy Magazine, December 2011

    Photography: Gabby Cantero

    Styling: Samantha Potenciano


  6. Gerard Cancio


  7. Check Out Counter: Wrap It Up for Young Star Phils

    Photography: Gabby Cantero

    Model: Kara Gozali

    Styling: Samantha Potenciano

    Makeup: Joyce Platon

    Shoot Assistant: Inez Moro

    Sittings: Karen Bolilia, Ralph Mendoza & Boo Umaly


  8. Maxene and Saab Magalona for FrancisM Clothing Co

    Photography: Gabby Cantero

    Styling: Carla Villanueva & Val Tilos


  9. Mike Concepcion
    Mike Concepcion
    Jim Bacarro & Saab Magalona
    Jim Bacarro & Saab Magalona
    Patricia Prieto
    Bea Vega

    Young Star Phils x Rayban Ph

    Photography: Gabby Cantero

    Styling: Anna Canlas

    Clothes: Ziggy Savella


  10. Photograhy: Gabby Cantero
    Styled by Myrrh Lao To
    MUA: Joyce Platon
    Clothes: Mango



  12. If you wait a little, you get lucky.

    Slim’s at 50


  13. youngstarphils:

    Kyle Sparks of Mercator and Janna Tee

    Photo by Gabby Cantero (@gabbycantero)

    Styling and article by Adrian Concepcion (@adrianneconcept)


  14. thysz:

    Vicky Herrera | Pure (Set 2 of 4) by Gabby Cantero

    Vicky is wearing Pure by Paradigm Shift and Bosquejo accessories.

    [Set 1]


  15. Sheer Genius. See more in this month’s issue of MEG magazine

    Model: Valerie Weigmann

    Stylist: Carla Villanueva

    MUA: Pia Reyes


    First and grateful!