1. If you wait a little, you get lucky.

    Slim’s at 50


  2. Yvonne Quisimbing. Holiday 2011, Backstage.

    Lovely, lovely collection. 

    It’s been a rough day. I needed something beautiful to cheer me up. 






    Get lost


    Penshoppe Backstage

    Phil Fashion Week Holiday 2011


  4. M Baretto Show, Phil Fashion Week Holiday 2011. 

    The past couple of weeks have been intense. From gearing up to Fashion Week all the way to an incredible amount of shoots last week. It has been crazy but in the best way possible. That fashion week post should be up in a few days; I must clear this backlog of backlogs. 

    A few things:


  5. Minutes before the walk.

    And, yes, I enjoyed shooting backstage for Menswear. 

    View more in A Different Cut.


  6. Backstage at Bang Pineda. 

    More in A Different Cut


  7. Peek-a-boo.

    A Different Cut.

    I’ll be working with these guys for the whole of Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011

    See you at the shows!