1. Catriona Gray for Preview Magazine

    Manila, PH. 2013.

    Produced by Trina Razon. Shot by Gabby Cantero.


  2. Saab Magalona for Preview Magazine

    Manila, PH. 2013.

    Produced by MJ Benitez

    Shot by Gabby Cantero


  3. Gabby Barredo for Rogue Magazine

    Manila, PH. 2012.

    Produced by Nicola Sebastian

    Shot by Gabby Cantero


  4. Cristina Bradner for Preview Magazine

    Manila, PH. 2013.

    Produced by Anna Canlas

    Shot by Gabby Cantero


  5. Ingrid Chua-Go, The Bag Hag Diaries, for Metro Magazine. 2012.


  6. City Life

    Toff, Manila 2011



  8. Keep me where the light is.

    Manila, 2011


  9. Yvonne Quisimbing. Holiday 2011, Backstage.

    Lovely, lovely collection. 

    It’s been a rough day. I needed something beautiful to cheer me up. 


  10. Happy birthday to the lovely, Vicky Herrera! 


  11. Welcoming in the rainy season. There’s a lot we can do with this, I can feel it.

    Time is gold so while waiting, take pictures! Hi, Raymond, Karen & Paolo!


  12. Chris Martinez. Scriptwriter, director & producer. 

    Shot for Supreme, February 2011.


  13. Ronac Art Center Street Style for Chalk Magazine, June 2011. Grab a copy to see the rest!

    Eman Garcia, Cara Eriguel & Rjay Ty, know their style in the magazine!


  14. My love for black and white photographs is unexplainable. And, Vicky says it herself, “Everything looks better in black & white!” I couldn’t agree more! 

    (Click on the photo to view the whole set)


  15. Outtake from the series, The Well-dressed Man.

    Also, Joseph’s part of band check out, Good Morning High Fives

    Joseph Wu, Manila, 2011